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Four years ago, owner Kelley Bates and mechanic Tim Loungway teamed up to open Galaxy Scooters  “Tim has been a scooter mechanic since he was a teenager . . . and there were no scooter shops in Long Beach,” Bates said. “So he started working on scooters around here, and then we just grew the business.” Bates said the shop is a welcome relief from her work as a geriatric social worker. Though Galaxy specializes in vintage scooter repair and restoration, such as Vespa and Lambretta brands, the shop also works with modern models. Bates said scooters are ideal for Long Beach residents because of impacted parking throughout the city. Loungway said clientele ranges from daily riders to those who ride their scooter once a year. He added that the pair hope to grow the business into a scooter dealership. “When you fix a scooter and the person gets on it and rides it and they have a big smile on their face, you vicariously live through that moment of when you first got your scooter and were excited about it,” Loungway said. “I’d like to see scooters become more of a staple in Long Beach, as far as travel.” Pictured with Kelley and Tim is their best friend, Brooker. For more information, visit

-Long Beach Business Journal-

June 19, 2017
Brandon Richardson, Senior Writer


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